Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm really enjoying a new book right now (who knew that I had time to read?!) -- it's called "Mitten Strings for God." I'd love to tell you why it's called that, but it's very sweet to discover the meaning as you read. So I won't spoil it for you. One of the things she writes about is that our children teach us things. While I don't disagree with her, it isn't where I've found the most pleasure in the book. I bring it up, however, because of what I learned from Baby L today.

When Baby L was days old, I learned that my "too much movement overstimulates babies" philosophy isn't always true. And it wasn't true for him. I learned this after several nights of full-blown newborn infant screaming. Poor guy. In desperation I told J (my husband) to find some batteries for the bouncy seat; maybe there's a reason they all have that vibrate-y function?! Yes, that seemed comforting to him. A friend told me her secret: deep knee bends. What?! I learned one of my own: rocking so vigorously in the rocking chair that I thought we'd tip over.

Fast forward six months. Baby L has never been an easy sleeper. Over the months we've had many variations in sleep -- none simple, relaxing, or predictable. (Unless you count "predictably unpredictable.") Last night we were back to just plain difficult, and no one got any sleep. And today he was very tired all day. But, he couldn't get to sleep. We were in the kitchen, I was holding him, and I remembered that a couple days ago he had fallen asleep while I bounced to a new cd (this was not my intention at the time). This cd was playing.

I learned today that movement I wouldn't think conducive to sleep still works to coax this guy to sleep. I learned that Jack Johnson's new cd "En Concert" is perfect for dancing babies to sleep. It's the perfect combination of upbeat and mellow for hip-swayin', foot-tappin', knee-bendin', booty-shakin' snuggling a baby on your chest, nuzzling his sweet head under your chin mama-dancin' in the kitchen.

And, it's a really good cd.

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