Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Heart Games

Honestly, I heart a lot of things.  All my friends know that I'm no minimalist.  And our game corner certainly reflects this fact!  Christmas brought some fun new additions, and as game-presents under the tree multiplied, Misa shared a cool challenge from BoardGameGeek that I'm excited to be trying.  I think she referred to it as the 10 in 10 Challenge -- the idea is that you play ten games ten times each in 2015.

Battlesheep by Blue Orange
I had planned to share this in January...  BUT, if you love games, or your kids love games but you don't, or you want to be sure game-playing doesn't get pushed out of the week, or you want to encourage game-playing, or or or -- it's not too late to jump on board (heh -- no pun intended there)!

As an added bonus, the challenge has encouraged me to pull out all of our games and look at the ones that we never (ever) play.  I piled them up, and we're playing through them and giving each a thumbs up or down.  And even if it's a thumbs down, we got a play in!  We gave it a fair shake, shared an experience, and reviewed it together.


I'd say more, but when Linus saw what I was writing about he asked to play a game!  Gotta go!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

{celebrating dailiness} Double-take

golden egg

Linus and I have seen lots of eggs.  We've seen a lot of the inside of the chicken coop.  But we had never seen the two together.  And we hadn't expected to yesterday!

Joining Amadna (@hello_alm) for #celebratingdailiness
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{celebrating dailiness} Baking Day

I'm much more a baker than a cook.
Five batches of dough in the fridge
on a Friday is a Good Day.

As Sela has gotten older, our homeschooling has changed in a way that I guess I hadn't quite thought about.  We spend more time than we used to working with a couple formal curricula.  Having a second child who is much younger (and naturally quite different) adds a wrinkle to what and how I want to accomplish goals for learning.  I'm currently working a few things to tweak our system -- I haven't been pleased with the balance of all things lately.

But, on Fridays, we change things up from the rest of the week.  We try our best to stay home all day, and we approach the academic work we're doing from a different angle.  Today was funny math videos and the beginnings of a multi-volume illustrated and artistically-lettered poetry anthology.  (Sela is finding all the poetry in allllllll the notebooks she's written it in, categorizing it, and putting it in one place.)

And for me, there was cookie making.  A LOT of cookie making.  (I volunteered to donate a dessert for a team fundraiser.)  Something for everyone, I hope!  Some with nuts, some with chocolate.  There were candy bits, there was jam, there was filling.  Three were family favorites, two were new. (Only one of the recipes is online -- mooncakes -- a definite recommend!)

Joining Amanda (@hello_alm) for #celebratingdailiness
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