Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet Moments

Driving in the car after swim lessons and lunch out with Daddy, Linus said sleepily from the back seat, "Mama, my eyes are tiiiiired."  "They are?"  "Yes.  My eyes are tiiiired, and they need to go hooome."  "Okay, we're on our way home."  "My eyes are tired of vrooming." 

It's a challenging job sometimes, but these are the sweet moments that linger and carry me through.  What was yours today?


  1. Truly sweet! And believe it or not, I still enjoy peeking in on my sleeping big boys--did it often in Ashland where they were sharing a room, just to see their slack & peaceful faces. I may never tire of that. :)

  2. And isn't great that we are set up to think there have *never* been more beautiful faces than those of our children?


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