Friday, December 2, 2011

Fleece pants

Who is this happy girl?  A girl with new fleece pants!

I really like to sew.  I'm not a sophisticated seamstress, by any means.  Seriously, I can use a very simple machine to sew simple straight lines. And that's what I love about sewing.  You can do So Much with such limited skill.

And I love to give handmade gifts.  Pants are a perfect gift.  They're pretty fast and easy -- really.  I made these from a simple & inexpensive pattern I bought at the fabric store (See & Sew #4322).  I told myself that if these were as quick and easy as I remembered them being, I'd aim to make us all matching pants for Christmas.  Yep, that's just my style.  I like to call it team spirit : )

So, the fabric for the Christmas jams is in the washer now.  For the other three pair, I'm going to use the pj's in our drawers to draft the patterns.  I'll put it up here so that you can do it, too.  I know you can do it!  Try it!!  (Hint: using fleece makes the project even easier because you don't need to finish any of the edges.  Zip, zip, zip.)

For some other fun ideas for homemade Christmas gifts for kids, check out The Crafty Crow -- wow, where to start?!

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