Monday, July 23, 2012

What We Need

This morning's activity sponsored by...
our Village.

When we accidentally checked out Mr. Putter & Tabby on cassette (rather than cd), I was finally motivated to make a last attempt at assessing the working order of any and all cassette players in our basket of such things.  New batteries in each and a solid try.  All three (!!!) were broken.  I sent out a call to our Village, and this little beauty was kindly gifted to us, no longer the loved play thing it once had been at their house.

And this was not a passing fancy for Linus. This was the day's activity.  Of course! There are buttons!  You can make it do things!  (Nobody reminds about cd scratches.)

And so, having enjoyed Mr. Putter's fine adventure many (many, many, many) funny times, I remembered having organized all our (unusable without a working cassette player) cassettes in a drawer at one point, I think...

Oh yes, here it is neatly labeled & lovingly adorned... it up...

... and voila!  More gifts from our Village.  A treasure trove.

We get a lot from our Village: toys, games, meals, clothes, educational materials, organized activities -- from our entire "village" - near and far.  
But, most importantly, we receive care and friendship.
It comes in many, many forms.  I see it and feel it sprinkled throughout the course of every day.
And I am grateful.


  1. I agree! Love that feeling of being part of a chain that has things passed, and then passes them along again...

  2. love, love, love. so glad to be living in the village with you :)


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