Thursday, November 1, 2012

If there had been a moment yesterday, this is what I would
have enjoyed sending to you all!

Linus's costume was inspired by one of his very first friends (see how he inspired another firetruck enthusiast here).  It seemed especially fitting now, as his big-boy friend decided not to wear a costume this year for the first time.  Passing the torch, I suppose.

As for Sela's costume, we -- she -- found in Family Fun magazine.  She pours over
our Halloween issues for months looking for inspiration!  It was easy to make & consists mostly of items we had around the house.

Here are the simple directions we crafted:
  • Using a wide-brimmed hat from the dress-up basket as a base, we wrapped and piled plastic bags on top to form a dome for the bell of the jellyfish.  We used packing tape to secure it occasionally.
  • Once the bell was formed, we covered it with bubble wrap.  More tape.
  • We layed a piece of irridescent fabric over this.  I did a simple basting stitch underneath, gathering the fabric at the crown of the head and tucking it up inside the hat.  I was concerned that tape wouldn't stand up to wear & tear.
  • We cut lengths of curling & silk ribbon and used packing tape to secure those as well.  (The hair tentacles we've been working on for quite a few years!)
  • It was a happy accident that this hat had a chin strap -- that turned out to be a must!


Share your ideas, too!