Saturday, May 25, 2013

What I Can Do

For the last three years, we've wrapped up our year with a spring ballet show.  Like the music and movement of the ballet itself, it adds a rhythm to our days and weeks, as well as our ears and eyes.  It's a big commitment for everyone involved (especially Linus).  "Is it worth it?" some ask.

I found Sela's rehearsal schedule on the table this morning.  She had used the paper cutter to trim it so that it could be carefully glued together as a single sheet, and she marked her rehearsal times with neat stars.  Her bag's already packed for her next rehearsal.

So, yeah.  It's worth it.

To see her joy at the opportunity to be involved in a project that could only be experienced as a group -- is worth it.  It's one thing to have a good ballet "class."  It's an entirely different experience of childhood and of growing up to have the chance to be part of a "production."  It's a massive undertaking by her ballet teacher (and many others).  I can't replicate this experience for her.  But I can lend support to her, to the production, (and to little Linus) because: they are worth it.


  1. oh, yes. i totally understand the group-experience-in-a-production thing. d felt it pretty intensely when performing with siamsa at old sac last summer. and it was only a couple of days for her - how much that must be magnified for sela! wish her well from all of us, please. <3

    1. I will, thank you!
      It's really a great show -- so funny & so well done by all the dancers, of all ages. Wish you guys could see it -- I think you'd all enjoy it!


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