Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lunch! And a Gardening Tip*

Well, my garden has been pretty neglected this year.  They say you can't have it all.  And this season we had a lot -- but none of it was in the garden.  We've traveled, we've relaxed, we've read, we've pursued interests, we've museumed.  Yep.  So far -- it's been a great summer!

Today we woke to overcast and cooooool weather.  HOO-ray.  So, I tackled some weeding & some trimming, and on top of the satisfaction of getting back to the garden, we also got LUNCH!  (I always try to keep marinated fresh mozzarella on hand in the summer.)

It's so cool today -- if I can convince my husband to sweep the back patio, I might just wash off the table and serve dinner out there.  And turn on the oven for cookies.  Blue Ribbon Day. 
Also, please will you send me your favorite recipes for leeks and eggplants?

Oh, I almost forgot that gardening tip* I promised!  
1.  Plant your garden in spring.
2.  Water it a regular amount for a couple of months.
3.  Pretend you don't have a garden.
4.  Go back to the garden that you really do have, use your entire arm to lift the overgrown plants, and scoop up all the snails that are just hanging out in big parties in your garden.  The trick is to let them get lazy, complacent.  They were not expecting to see me.

*Or, maybe just garden responsibly.  Your choice.


  1. my favorite eggplant dish is this: slice thinly crosswise (under 1/4" thick rounds. 1/8" is better), dredge them in seasoned flour and let sit for 30 minutes. I layer them with paper towels in between them for the sitting part. Then, head 1/4" of oil in a skillet (I use cast iron and usually grapeseed oil), and fry until golden. Sprinkle with salt and drizzle with honey. Eat hot.

    1. Spectacular. Thursday night. We will eat it hot : ) Thank you!!

  2. you’re doing much better than me. everything in my garden got planted so late i have had virtually nothing but a handful of green beans so far. depressing! my tomatoes are tiny and green. :(

    1. I am very surprised that we're getting anything! But when I keep my expectations loooooow ; )


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