Sunday, September 28, 2014

Game Spotlight: Jumping Pixies

We had to leave a friend's house before we had the chance to try out this game.  She loaned it to us (you know, because we have no games of our own) -- and it is just lovely!

It meets so many of our game criteria:
:: It's FUN
:: It's fun for each family member (where abilities and interests range widely)
:: It doesn't have to be long

Launching is involved.

Bonus Bonus:
It makes us all giggle.  A lot.

Bonus Bonus Bonus: it's SO CUTE.  I mean, would you look at this little pixie?!
I need to make some of these.  Yes, maybe as part of a game re-creation.  But maybe just because!
Don't you think we could find all sorts of things to do with them?
(I'm seeing them filling our pockets...)


  1. Kirsten, we've got to get on making our gnomes so that we can return it to our friend!


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