Saturday, October 25, 2014


This summer the library set out a cart with a hand-written sign taped to it that read, "Take a puzzle, leave a puzzle."  Except that someone made a correction, adding a caret and inserting "or" after the comma.  In other words, a very informal puzzle "exchange."  As if we didn't love the library enough already!  

"Can we take one?!  Can we take one?!"  
Sure - we'll bring one back in tomorrow as our exchange.  Not that we needed to, of course.

After (very) thoughtful consideration, we picked the international birdhouses.  That was a very sweet way to spend the afternoon.  "Can we get another?!"  What, are they kidding me?!  I LOVE puzzles.  I've had just lukewarm success in convincing my family to make a sustained effort with me.  Now Linus wants to do all the puzzles in the playroom.  Which is great, because there are many, and I can scarcely justify their occupation of precious real estate when nobody does them!

(I guess I might as well be honest and admit that I used our new interest as an excuse to finally buy one of these puzzle tins from a favorite little store downtown.)

On one of our return puzzle cart trips, probably against my better judgement, I agreed to a much bigger, much more difficult puzzle.  It's okay, I reasoned with myself, I have a good idea for a puzzle-saver.

Made from supplies we had on hand, the puzzle-saver has worked well!  I cut a piece of felt the size of my table.  (The remaining piece will be transformed into Robin Hood's hat and shoes on Sunday!  And this is why I always say every house should never be without felt and pipe cleaners.)  I cut a pool noodle the length of the table (the short side).  And when we need to put the puzzle away for meals, we just roll it up and tie it with ribbons!

P.S. And if you take a mama to a museum that fall and her children say this is their favorite painting from the day, and it comes as a puzzle in a tin...


  1. The puzzle pieces stick to the felt? They don't slide around?

    1. Amy,
      They don't really "stick," but they are held in place by the other pieces and by the rolling. There's a bit of slide, but MUCH better than the alternative of not having a table for ages AND losing the pieces that get accidentally swept off the table while it's sitting out!

  2. love love your puzzle saver! i need to make one of those! every time we do a puzzle we lose the table for two months.

    1. Lori,
      I know!! Until I can magically make TWO (or three...) dining room tables fit in here...

  3. I can't believe you mentioned the jigsaw puzzles! I've been eyeing them for weeks, thinking about borrowing one to have when my puzzle-crazy sister comes for Thanksgiving. I'll have to send her the link to your puzzle saver, too--I know that's an issue for all jigsaw doers.

    1. Suzie,
      Yes! Do it!! It's been a source of great fun for us! Such a sweet little community offering <3 Let me know if you do!


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