Monday, December 29, 2014

Crafting Together

This year we made rolled beeswax candles to give as gifts, and it might just be the most fun-to-make gift we've ever done.  It's not original.  It's not elaborate.  But, (and I hope our loved ones think so, too) I think they are a classic beauty.  The icing on the cake was how lovely and truly relaxing it was to make them together.  I'll go back to this project again and again.  (And also, back to the bee keeping supply store where we bought the sheets of beeswax.  We have our eye on supplies to make lip balms next time.  And molded candles after that.  And then we'll see what else strikes our fancy!)

Linus will demonstrate the process, in the spirit of a remarkably family-friendly project.

 We opted for two tapers per sheet, 
so we measured it and found the halfway point,
scoring with a butter knife at the top and bottom edges.

 Using our marks at the top and bottom,
we used a straight edge to score a complete line.
No need to saw, just press it into the wax.
Then, pick up the wax sheet and bend it.
It will break into two pieces.

 Lay the wick along the edge and trim to size.

 Press the wick along the edge to keep it in place.
Curl up the edge so that it covers the wick.
Then, roll, roll, roll.

 Press the seam from top to bottom to seal it.

I just love them!  Thanks, Linus <3


  1. Those are truly gorgeous! I think we could do that next year. Thanks for the idea and the little-hands-tutorial. :-)

    1. Thank you! I hope you will have as much fun as we did! Our house smells lovely - beeswax and Christmas trees <3 And, I was so pleasantly surprised at how much our young friends enjoyed receiving them, too!


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