Thursday, January 1, 2015

Celebrating Dailiness

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one naturally calls us to reflect.  The calm meandering of my day today allowed me to come in and out of thoughts about, well, my daily life.

I drifted to and away from my desk all morning -- peeking at blogs, perusing my long-neglected Pinterest boards, reading articles I had saved.  Combined with thoughts about last year and half-formed "plans" for this year, I started to feel... overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed by ideas, overwhelmed by the simple beauty around me.  By the chores.  By the dreams.  By the realities, by the possibilities.

Where to start?  Where to go?  By what means?

I took a step back.  Let it all sit awhile.  And what rose to the surface was Amanda's most recent post on her blog, The Habit of Being.  She'll be #celebratingdailiness on Instagram.  And while I know that I shouldn't add in another place to be, I'm drawn to the practice of lingering on the beauty of my dailiness.

It used to be easier to notice, to stop, to linger.  I spent more time appreciating and celebrating the ordinary.  But the pace has picked up too much.  Time to switch gears, decelerate.

So, I'll be celebrating my dailiness here everyday in January (to start to rebuild my habit) and probably off and on after that.  Amanda will be on Instagram.  If you're up for celebrating, too, I'd enjoy that very much!

making a bed


  1. I'd love to celebrate your dailiness with you, Jen! (Are those Christmas pillows??? I LOVE them!)

    1. And I YOU : D
      (They ARE! I made them this year from Jansdotter's Simple Sewing! And I love them! SO SO simple. I think you would LOVE her book!)

  2. Oh I love this! Something I do every day and yet it is flies by under the radar. Making a bed is such a great way to start the morning!

    1. I have to admit, I'd rather skip it in the morning, but am so glad when I come in later to find it made -- makes it worth it ; )


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