Sunday, March 1, 2015

{celebrating dailiness} traditions

we went from this --
to beautifully be-tissued papered --
to exploding in the front yard
with goodies

     "Why don't you just go buy a pinata?"
     "Because as we worked on it today, both kids talked about this being their favorite part of our birthday parties."

     We've been making our pinatas for a long time now.  The first time we did it, there were just two of us working on it.  And we had pre-made pinata forms for all of our guests to decorate at the party and take home.  Wow -- I had forgotten that.  That was fun!  We might need to do that again this summer, if Linus is interested!

Another party in the books for our little family.  Another year marked.  Going to bed tired, contented, and fairly amazed at how big these children have grown.

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  1. happy happy birthday and what fun :)

    1. Thank you! A happy birthday girl here <3

  2. squee! diana made her own for her party, too! yay!

    1. I saw! Epic, indeed!!! Happy birthday to your girl!


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