Friday, December 31, 2010

Lights and Display Contest

S and I set out to make our gingerbread houses for the Camellia Waldorf Winter Faire, organized by my amazing friend.  Charged to make something "different from the box," I was inspired by my children.  After all, L's name was suggested by big sis after watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas" during a queasy first few months of pregnancy.  He's a very sweet guy & there are others with the name, too... it stuck.

I was hopeful about my beginning...

Feeling good after light mist from
spray bottle left over from scorching 1st birthday party helped my "roof" to stick.

Ok...  This looks like Snoopy's doghouse.  Now for the show.
Feeling good!


View from behind - I had to include because
I just love the lights!

S's gingerbread cottage is the third from the left, on the cake stand.

You really should come check out the show and silent auction next year.
Really, you should enter a gingerbread creation!
Sky's the limit...

Kids create their own at the gingerbread workshop at the Faire.

S's sweet (hee-hee) cottage.
What fun!

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