Friday, August 12, 2011

3 Crafts, No Instructions Needed

We spent last weekend at the HSC conference.  We're lucky that it's a 5-minute drive from our house -- this means we can be there when it starts each day (well, close to when it starts...), and we can stay late for the singing and the dancing and the storytelling.  We don't like to miss much. 

- sewing various mixed-up parts together.
Use simple whipstitch. Fluffy fabrics &
stuffing hide everything! 
 To be honest, I drug my feet a little about going  this year; it's expensive.  But, Sela LOVES it.  And, walking into the hotel on Friday morning and into our first session (fantastic storytelling by Jim Weiss), I got it.  There is a palpable energy at an event like this.  You can feel that the space has been prepared with care, made ready for you to  use it.  It's a special way to spend time together. 

I attended just one parent workshop -- just the one I needed.  The highlights of Bev Bos's talk were about play, gaining wisdom, and belonging.  Which is one of the things Sela really enjoys about the conference, I think -- a sense of belonging.  I heard this a lot, "Mama, can I go ahead of you?!"

Sea Glass Jewelry
- wrap wire around it, add jump ring & cord.
Variations: add beads to wire
or make earrings

It's a truly family-friendly event, with a wide range of activities.  We made things that exploded and shot through the air (which I wouldn't think to do on my own, but will try to remember to do -- maybe I'll remember to post them, too.  I guess people like to shoot & explode things??  Who knew?!)  We made crafts, crafts, crafts.  We had time together trying new things and doing favorite things.  We were tired tired by Sunday night, but in a good way.

Playing with rocks is a "favorite thing"
(That's our lunch box underneath)

Flower Fairies
- disassembled silk flowers, pipe cleaners &
wooden beads.  Simple, easy &  fun.
We play with them outside, inside, in the car, in restaurants...

Linus loves them.  Notice the baby
tucked into his jacket?

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