Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Making A Calendar

We were inspired at math club to make a yearly calendar. 

Fold a sheet of paper in half vertically, then horizontally & repeat twice more.  You will end up with an 8 x 8 grid.

Trace over the folds and write in the days of the week.  This is the template, to be photocopied 12 times onto cardstock.

Stack the 12 blanks, punch 2 holes at the top (for binder rings) and one hole at the bottom (for hanging).  Connect with binder rings.

 Add the year, months, and dates. 

This is a very fun book to use for this project.

Create your artwork!  You could draw right onto the calendar if you like, but we photocopy the art onto it at the copyshop because then the calendar lays flat no matter the medium you use.

The sky's the limit!  Sela has done collage, freehand, and guided projects from a great art education site called Art Projects for Kids.

August's picture was a fun tribute to two of her favorite teachers -- Janice (drawing & painting) and Heidi (clay & Art Scout leader).  Divide a sheet of watercolor paper into thirds and mark with very light (erasable) pencil lines.  One person starts the drawing in one-third of the paper.  The next person continues in the second third.  Another in the third and final section.  Then paint!

We spread this project out over the year.  And I think Sela enjoyed having me join in this month.  Linus painted alongside us, and I'm pretty sure it won't be long until he gets in on the action, too.  Our calendar hangs in the kitchen, near the table.  It's a great conversation piece -- it's where Sela writes down the things she's looking forward to.  Countdowns and packing lists and plan-making.  It's very sweet.

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