Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Here Comes Science Sampler: Put It to the Test

Today's Song:  Put It to the Test
It's the Scientific Method!
It's Science Fair time.

are you sure that thing is true? or did someone just tell it to you?  
come up with a test
yeah, think of a test

Great books to make learning about & practicing the scientific method easy & fun:
Make it Work! Science Fair by World Book
Guide to More of the Best Science Fair Projects by VanCleave
Science Fair Success Secrets by Haduch
And these are just the ones I found at the most recent book sale for a dollar!  The library shelves are loaded.

if you want to know if it's the truth, then, my friend, you are going to need proof
come up with a test
yeah, you need a test

My advice: Don't wait for an Official science fair - just do it!  You can do them at breakfast, or set up experiments to explore more ideas.  They don't have to be hard.  Sela said to me, shocked and in disbelief, when I told her that some people think science fairs are a lot of work, "What?!  Science fairs are AWESOME!"  That's my girl.

More unsolicited advice: Organize a small science fair for a group of friends.

don't believe it 'cause they say it's so.  if it's not true, you have a right to know! 
put it to the test!

We all use the scientific method all the time & don't even realize it.
  • What's my question?
  • How can I test it?
  • What do I think will happen?
  • Test it out.
  • What happened?
  • What does it mean?
What will you test out next?


  1. Wonderful--wish I could have seen it in person!

  2. hear, hear! we LOVE science!


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