Saturday, April 28, 2012

Here Comes Science Sampler: ROY G BIV

First of all, Dress the Part (naturally).

Then... find something to do!

Read about it.
The Rainbow and You by E.C. Krupp
The Magic Schoolbus Makes a Rainbow by Cole
What Makes a Rainbow: A Magic Ribbon Book by Schwartz
A Rainbow of My Own by Freeman

Take your experiments outside. 
We used:
Exploratopia: More than 400 Kid-Friendly Experiments and Explorations for Curious Minds by Murphy
Barron's Science Wizardry for Kids
Experiments with Colors by Tocci

You can use whatever you have on your shelf, go to the library, or just use your favorite search engine for ideas.



Be amazed.

Play some games.
Start with Rainbow Sudoku

Make a rainbow maze.
(Try using drinking straws and 1-inch graph paper.)

Read some more.
A World of Colors: Seeing Colors in a New Way by National Geographic has us all WOW'd by its' simple and stunning exercises.

Be on the lookout for more related activites!
Have you ever noticed the rainbows on bubbles?
What else do you know about light and colors?
Ever been on a rainbow hunt?
How many creative ways can you play with color mixing?
Where would you hang a prism to make wondrous rainbows every day?
How about rainbow art?
How delicious can a rainbow be?

Just like the rainbow, there is *no end* to the possibilies.  There is, however,
...plenty of gold.

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  1. Awesome post! You need to open up your twitter account so you can tweet these yourself! Love what you captured in the photos.


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