Monday, April 9, 2012

Game Spotlight: Yoga Prenzels

Well, okay, it's not technically a game.
And it's actually Yoga Pretzels.  But this is how Linus says it.  And he won't always say it this way.  One day, he'll call it Yoga Pretzels.  And he'll ask for pretzels to eat, too.  Just like everybody else.  So, for now, we all call'em prenzels.

First offering...

No takers.

Sweetened the deal with a fun book...


Yoga mats silently appeared on the scene & look what happened...

Well, these mats are just fun no matter what the activity.  (Or attire.)


  1. This made me squeal - soooo awesome!

    I miss you and the kids Jen! We really look forward to seeing you soon!!


    Love those yoga prenzels!


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