Sunday, April 15, 2012

Our International House of... Matzah? Day 3

Okay, matzah is not a pancake.  As it happened, on Day 3 our friends invited us over to make matzah.  We really enjoyed making it with them, experimenting with a creative and extensive array of toppings, and being a part of their special family traditions!

For a recipe & instructions, I'll refer you to this recipe I found online.  It sounds like what was happening at the kitchen counter -- from where I sat on the kitchen floor playing trains with Linus.  I could hear that the fork-poking was a real hit with this crowd & the need to complete the job in 18 minutes made it a kid-pleaser, too.

Try these topping in any combination & see what your favorites are:
Honey, cream cheese, raspberry sauce, kumquat jam, berry jam, butter, nut butters, sliced radishes, cheeses, and (you fill in the blank).

What do you think of it, Sela?

Yeah, me, too.  Thank you, Heather!

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