Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lessons from My Garden: Father's Day

On Father's Day, the father at our house requested we work out in the garden for a bit. You see, several years ago he & the kids bought a Meyer lemon tree for me.  We planted it, but we haven't cared for it.  It's not gotten enough water, and it's been crowded by several really pushy plants.  This daddy of our is not a waster.  He wanted to tidy up this messy corner of the garden to save the tree (and the investment).

It was Father's Day after all, how could I say no?  And, he was right -- we did need to find time take care of this tree and this part of the garden.

Once out there, elbow (and shoulder)-deep in our project, I realized: gardening is usually my request for Mother's Day as well.  Interestingly, J and I were working from pretty different angles, but we ended up in the same place.  Seems like there must be a valuable lesson in there somewhere, doesn't it?

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