Thursday, September 13, 2012

In the Kitchen

Time to harvest the kohlrabi!
The kids went off to do their own thing together, quietly, happily & I chose to have my alone time in the kitchen.  (There are SO many ways to have alone time- don't let anyone tell you it must involve oodles of time, or leaving the house, or paying money for something.  It can.  But it doesn't have to.)
Quietly, happily I washed the kohlrabi.  Sam told me you peel it.

Really?  It didn't really look like it had a peel.  But I believed her, so I did it.  Oh - I began to get a feel for kohlrabi.  The outside is sort of waxy, the inside reminded me a little of the inside of broccoli stem.  Or a potato.  It smelled like raw broccoli.  I do like doing new things, learning new things.
The recipe I found sent me out to my garden again -- for parsley and chives.
This made me very happy.

I'd like to say I loved the recipe.  I didn't.  But it was okay!  And I loved all that went into the dish.
I tidied up and went down the hall to invite the kids to lunch.
Or rather, invite them to help make lunch with me.
We made a nice lunch together, with both kids doing what they could & learning a few new things, too.

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  1. isn't it wonderful when the kids go off to do their own thing together, quietly, happily? i'm so glad you found your own happy thing to do, too.


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