Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lessons from My Garden: Defeat


"I'm popping out to the garden to grab some things for dinner!"   I heard my own words as I, well, popped out the kitchen door three steps to pick some things for dinner.  It had been a good day, and, this felt like the icing on the cake.  I felt a simulateous giddiness & peace as I filled my bowl.  I really can't describe all that I get from having a little garden.  So,  I give up.  Maybe it's just a feeling -- a lot of feelings -- that just can't be put into the right words, by me anyway!

I will say this -- do yourself a favor and plant something. Anything. If you have the right weather for it, I'd suggest two tomato plants. I love Sungold and Cherry. I say two, not because you should have "more," but so that you can be really lazy about it and you still have two chances at success! Just stick them in a spot where they'll get lots of sun and water them.  Oh, and put a sturdy cage up at the same time.  That's it.  You can get as fancy as you want to with a garden, but, really, you can do very little and still reap the rewards.



  1. we have the very same tomato plants and i love them, too!

    and i'm sooo with you on the feelings about a garden, both described and indescribable.

    um, i'm a little lost, though, about the lesson in "defeat." i'd consider it a bowl-ful of success! :)

    1. I give up on *trying* to describe it : )


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