Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Do-able Valentine Party

Sela has always wanted a Valentine's Day Party.  I think she's asked every year since she was three years old.  Now, you know I'm a Yes-Man, and I still always end up having to say No.  How to pull this off has eluded me for years.

Until now.  Thanks to the inspiration of a friend, we hosted a Valentine Making Party.  It was perfect!

We picked a day that was convenient (not being on February 14th didn't detract from the celebration in this case!  Major hurdle... hurdled!)  We loaded the table with craft supplies we had on hand, invited a couple friends (who brought supplies they had), added scissors & a multitude of adhesive products, and turned them loose.  No researched projects, no samples, (virtually no prep at all) -- just good ol' creative crafting by kids.  (Not to mention some really inspired play-on-word Valentine slogans.)

We wrapped it up by cutting, sprinkling & eating cookies.

I snapped a picture of our guests that we'll send them as a Valentine.

And our kids' Valentines are made & ready!

I love Yes.

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  1. sounds delightful-esp loved the EASY part ; )))


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