Thursday, February 28, 2013

Something Funny. And Touching. To Me. And Maybe You?

Lots of traffic tonight. (TOO much traffic). So, I thought I was entertaining my kids as I s-l-o-w-l-y drove us home, really singing with feeling to Justin Roberts' She Sits (which is a very funny song about babysitting).  There may, or may not, have been dance moves involved.

Stopped in traffic, after realizing what was actually happening behind me, I threw my phone up and quickly snapped these pictures over my shoulder.  Ha!

child 1:

child 2:

Well, at least I was entertaining myself with lines like this:

Cause don't you know she makes mac and cheese 
With no recipes just straight from the box
At first I thought this girl's a freak 
Playing simon says and hide and go seek
Then I came to understand
Why she is in such high demand
And all across the land they're singing this song
Or at least your neighbors will have to admit
She is so convenient
She's like Mom but lenient

And while I'm at it, I might as well tell you that I had a nice little cry to the next song -- Giant-Sized Butterflies. In fact, I cry Every. Single. Time.

Can you believe I couldn't find a good, full link to either of these?!  So disappointing.  (Well, there is a sweet one on You Tube about a little girl's first day of preschool.  I don't even know them, and I cried again watching it because it was so so sweet.)  I really wanted you to enjoy them, too.  Guess you'll have to buy the cd.  Totally worth it.  All his lyrics are great.  (You can launch his "radio station" here.)

Can I just share with you his lyrics to Giant-Sized Butterflies?  At the risk of being over the top (who, me?!)...

I felt so nervous in the morning light
My Mom said it would be all right
Still I had giant-sized butterflies 
On that first day

So she made me some hot oatmeal
It couldn't change the way I feel
How was I to know how it would go?
On that first day?

We're in the car and we're on our way
When we get there, Mom, will you stay?
I might need the space, but just in case
On that first day

It's my first day

Then Mom told me "when you first came
Into this world we felt the same
We had giant-sized butterflies 
On that first day"

"If there were some kind of magic spell
That could protect like a turtle's shell
Everyone would be wearing one 
On that first day"

And when she opened the back seat door
Told me what butterflies are for
How they were meant to fly
And they were born to be your guide

Now Mom's beside me and the school's in sight
And everything is gonna be alright
Cause I've got giant-sized butterflies 
On my first day

It's my first day

And my butterflies are well-disguised
But those butterflies they're giant-sized
Yeah, my butterflies are giant-sized

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