Wednesday, March 6, 2013

See the World with New Eyes

I'm not a good photographer.  Getting better is on my list of things to do "when my kids are bigger," but, while they're small, I don't want to get so distracted.  And the dishes and laundry are not going to do themselves.  Darnit.

In the meantime, I'm getting a kick out of a Photo A Day project that Suzie sent my way!  It's just the boost I need, in just the right size package.

Today's challenge was "Under."  It was so much fun.

At the library, I started here --
Getting warmed up.
Getting the feel for noticing "under."
But -- I think I can do better.
 Oh, I like this...
Under! (and under, and under)
Oops.  I did it again.
Book Sale.
Asked my friends to "keep it under wraps."
Had to snap (tap?) this one for a friend.
I'm seeing "under" in more places and in new ways.

We put lunch "under Linus's name."

 Under the Starbucks counter.

I was so focused on being Under that I was surprised to
see what was Next To.  Just two pals out for a stroll.
Linus wanted us to take a picture of what was Under the roof of the car -- it was us!
And things got Silly!


He crawled to the front of the car & just look what was Under his shoe.
Under is everywhere.

Under Linus's tongue...
On the way home we drove by the Bicycling Hall of Fame.  Hmm-- a sport under scrutiny lately.

Now I can't stop.  I'm seeing it everywhere.  Things that are underrated, underserved, understated.  And, of course, things that are just plain under.  A woman waiting for a bus while standing under a bus sign that is under a tree.  And I find myself wondering as I drive along: what does it look like under that?  And that?  And that?

Now I'm just noticing more.
I call this one Garbage Day.

 We end the day with a
Pinata under construction.

And, I end the day with new inspiration.  
Check out the Flickr group, FMS Photo a Day, to see some beautiful and creative photography.


  1. it's amazing what you can observe when you focus your attention. what a fabulous mindfulness exercise. i especially like the silly ones with you in them :)

  2. love your joyfulness and creativity in learning!


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