Saturday, March 23, 2013

Game Spotlight: Is Back!

Why not pull out a game this weekend?!

Maybe a new one, maybe an old classic -- like Linus and I enjoyed.  Every time we play a game, it goes a little differently.  We're all different each time, after all, having had a different kind of day, full of different experiences, people, thoughts, and moods.  We've learned new things and gained new perspectives since the last time.  But, mostly -- it's just fun.

This time, we made up stories for how exactly that bucket kept getting kicked over, spilling all of our delicious cherries, and what we did when the bird stole our cherries.  And that dog -- well, she just usually wanted us to play fetch with her.  She always returned the cherries, and we usually found a good stick to throw for her.

Happy weekending.


  1. i bet we'd enjoy playing games more if we took on your attitude and perspective :)

  2. well, Dawn, yes, you might have to let others win sometimes, too ; )


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