Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sometimes you need a little something...

Looking for a simple, cute & functional craft activity?
How about these wreath napkin rings?  They make cute package toppers and tree decorations, too.
Sometimes we need something for a mixed group -- kids who love crafts, kids who don't always but are in for something simple, big kids, little kids, adults.  Easy to make a few or a bunch.  Great for a gathering.

Here's what you need:
pipe cleaners
green tri beads
red round beads

Cut pipe cleaner to size, slide beads on, twist ends to form a circle, tie on bow!


  1. so simple, but festive!

  2. We had fun making them while we planned our Christmas meal, including how we would decorate the table, who would be there, what we wanted our Christmas season to be like... Treasured moments


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