Friday, June 20, 2014

On Second Thought...

Believe me when I say that I never, ever (EVER) wanted to go on a "staycation."  NEV-ER.  It's "vacation," but we're "staying"?  Thank you no.  Do not sign me up for that.

Well... time passes.  Things change.  And apparently:  Timing Is Everything.

I am eating my words as we enjoy a fabulous, all-expenses-paid staycation in our guest room.  I am not exaggerating when I say we have barely left the room!  And why would we?  Check out these amenities:

A giant feathery bed (the Westin Heavenly bed has nothin' on us)

Relaxing lavendar sachets & an ample library within arms reach at all times

Fancy finery & linens
(Pets acceptable -- strike that -- encouraged)

Fresh (extremely) local produce (we might have to leave our room to deal with that tomato...)

Classes available 
(I'm currently enrolled in three)
Beginning Quilt Blocks
Knitting 101

Project-Based Homeschooling
Journal Class

Additionally, we have:
:: In-room movies
:: Audiostory library
:: Internet access
:: Foot baths & neck warmers
:: Bedtime stories

Okay -- I'm officially sold.


  1. we hermits are ALWAYS up for the staycation.

  2. Do you accept guests in that guest room? Lisa H-S

    Ps just checking.
    Pps Also I like the look of that tomato

  3. Ha!
    I really do not like the term "staycation," but--despite not having a guest room--we love where we live during the summer months so much that I don't want to visit anywhere else. People come *here* for the summer! However, talk to me in February!!

    1. fortunately for you, our guest room is open twelve months a year ; )

  4. It looks perfect! X


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