Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Felt Desserts

Here's the book I sat down to craft with...

Here's the book I ended up crafting with...

Dessert anyone?

These are all the supplies it took.  The book is great, but you can do them without, too.  Math this morning, anyone??

The petit fours are wood blocks from the craft store, covered in felt that I cut in a cross shape -- trace your cube to make a template that will strategically cover all six sides.

The foundation for the pie is a strip of cardstock, with tabs running along the top, bottom & one short side.  They're notched at folding joints and all along the shortest side to create a curve for the "crust edge" of your pie.  Make your pie form from your template by folding it to form a triangle.  Tape the tab down.  Using your pie form as a guide, cut 4 pieces of felt: one to wrap around the pie (the color of your filling), one for the bottom (crust-colored), one for the top, and one for the edge crust that's taller than your pie, trimmed with pinking shears.  The meringue and whipped topping... a little trickier.  Here's my template.  Another excellent geometry exercise.  Cut it from felt and gather the tips, securing with a needle and thread.

I love that this fulfilled a need I had to create something, to be absorbed in something new, AND they make sweet homemade toys for my children.  I hadn't planned any of it -- but there you go!

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