Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Hero in YOU

We're listening to a CD that we really enjoy. And we're listening to it a lot.
It's Ellis Paul's Hero in You -- it's got a fantastic title track (mama-approved message & a catchy beat) and the rest of the tracks highlight various heroes, from Rachel Carson to Augustus Jackson.

So, naturally, we stopped by the biography section at the library to gather an armload.  (Of course, we couldn't stick just to the CD's heroes.  I was more than a little pleased to see Sela delight in all the possibilities and ask to get extras! I love biographies, too.)

And, even better, Ellis Paul will be here this week!  Live!  Two shows!  If you're not sure where to get tickets, call me!

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  1. i'd love to borrow a cd from you! and yay on the biographies - diana loves them, especially autobiographies or well-illustrated books that weave a memorable story.

    we have several of the "who was...?" books, in case you want to try them out, too.


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