Monday, November 14, 2011

A Friend for Maryann

Because hermit crabs do best when they live with others (despite their name), we went to Petco in Davis to find a friend for Maryann.  Sela chose this cutie (yep, I think she's cute!) because she thought she seemed like a good choice for Maryann - not too big and didn't seem like she'd crawl over top of her.  Her legs are a pretty gray-blue, and Sela named her Blue. 

She heartily ate the apple and grape dinner her first night with us, checked out the salt and fresh water, and today explored around the crabitat all day.  I think she's climbed over and under every surface, including the hygrometer (measures humidity) -- where she took a pretty long nap!  You should know that the hygrometer is about a quarter-inch thick and is velcroed to the side of the tank.  I'm serious - these guys are funny.  People don't believe me.

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  1. So glad Maryann has a friend again! Beautiful photo of blue. :)


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