Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's Comin' on Christmas...

With Nutcracker rehearsals in full swing, and the impromptu sketching of gingerbread house ideas for the Waldorf Gingerbread House exhibit, it was only natural that the Christmas cd's should come out.  We started with our favorite, Santa Baby.

     What marks the beginning of your season?

What are your favorite Christmas songs?


  1. We've talked about this, so you know I'm a Christmas music freak, too! But my kids strenuously object to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is over, so we're still solidly in fall mode over here.

    I just counted 578 Christmas songs on my iTunes playlist, though that's probably due to lack of pruning out doubles. :)

  2. Hi Jen~

    We usually start decorating after Thanksgiving, so this weekend. But I'll be 100% ready to rock after this class is over, until then (well, it's crazy-town). :-)


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