Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Wonder... (Or, Homeschooling Means Using What's Handy!)

Lately, we've been using the little chalkboard in our kitchen to collect data, analyze stuff, ...wonder about things.  Hmmm...

We made tea from the mint in our garden.  Here's the taste-test data.

First, the comments.

Then a "bar graph" of which sweetener each of us preferred.  The results interpreted: 1 person said Honey, 1 person said Agave, 1 person said Plain (unsweetened). Hee hee.

The data from our homemade butter experiment.

We tasted the butter (B) and the buttermilk (BM).  The buttermilk was gone by the time it got to me : )

This was a question Sela asked after noticing how the sunlight came through the window during breakfast.  Now, we're talking about it, wondering about it, experimenting with it...

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  1. Very sweet. Looks like a lot of your day's thoughts get recorded up there--would be fun to see photos of the blackboard over a full year. :)


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