Friday, October 28, 2011

Individual Apple Pies

Our friend was coming over, and we needed a snack to serve -- fast!

Since we're such good apple choppers (as you know), we pulled out our choppers and went to work.

We filled up some ramekins (heaping) with very small apple chunks, dropped a (very) little bit of butter into each one, and sprinkled a little cinnamon, sugar, and flour onto each.  We gave each a little mix and topped with pie crust.  (We love Trader Joe's crust.) 

We sprinkled them with sugar and popped them into the oven (baking temperature on package instructions).  We baked them for 15 minutes and then covered with foil for the last 5 minutes, to make sure the apples were soft and the crusts weren't too brown.

This was an experiment -- would they work?

They did!  (I think you really can't mess these up.)

Thanks for being our brave tester, Allison!
We liked them so much, we made them again for dessert that night.

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