Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Summer Reading

Seems like just yesterday that it was summer, and I was reading in the car while Linus caught a few z's and Sela cooled off in the pool at swim practice.  Oh, yes -- it was last week!  And now it's raining!

This book was my favorite read of the summer.

We ended up with two copies of it.  I would say that neither Sela nor I are "horse girls," but, I wanted her to have some Marguerite Henry's on the shelf -- maybe she'd like them.  There could be something there for her.  For a dollar at the library book sale, it was worth it.  Twice, apparently.  When I came across the first copy, with a modern-looking picture, I didn't think anything of it.  Sela asked if I had read it.  I said I hadn't.  But, when I came across this copy I knew that I had read it as a girl.  Did I like it?  I don't remember.  Which is surprising for me.  And surprising I had read it at all -- it wasn't really my style.  Looking at the cover, I do remember being fascinated by that star on her forehead.

I recently decided that I would read what was always within arm's reach (Sela's books) and not lament about adding the extra chores of deciding on adult books and making my way to the non-children's section of the library -- I'm really happy with this choice.  This summer I've read about the Romanovs, Elvis Presley, Cleopatra, the Gold Rush and Sacramento history, Mary Queen of Scots, Australian explorers -- just to name a few.  It's perfect for the time-being.

And did I say "arm's reach"?  They're much closer than this -- I pick up and put away books constantly at our house.  Which really is fine.  I get tired of putting other things away over and and over again, but I feel grateful that I can't walk through a room of our house without finding several books deposited wherever someone stopped to read.  I was putting Sea Star back on the shelf, and I noticed that this cover still captivates me -- so I tossed it in my bag and took it along on our day's outings.  I'm so glad I did.

It wasn't until the last bit of the book that I really remembered reading it.  And that I did really like it.  And I knew the horse aspect hadn't been the hook.  What I loved this time is what I loved last time.  I know it.  I probably didn't really know it then -- but I'm still the same person all these years later.  Funny how we can look back and glimpse into parts of ourselves that have always been there - no matter how small or how big we are, whether we were aware of them or not.

What a great little summer journey I had with this book.  Such pleasant little 30 minute breaks: Linus resting peacefully in the back seat, car door open, breeze blowing through, sun shining, sounds of parents and kids coming and going, splashing sounds from the pool.  So glad I picked it up.

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  1. I love reading your blog, jen! I feel like I'm right there with you in the car. I was visiting your blog tonight in search of some new books. We are fresh out. Anything come to mind for Sky's age? You know what she likes. You have so many great resource I love it. --Amber


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