Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Cocohut

A while back, while cleaning out the crabitat and sterilizing everything, I accidentally scorched Rap & Maryann's cocohut in the microwave.  I felt terrible.  I loved the way they both squeezed in there.  Rap's shell didn't even fit through the opening.  It was truly genius the way he got in and out.  And sometimes, Maryann slept inside and he slept just outside the opening with one of his claws reached out touching hers.  It was their home.

I loved their cocohut, too.  One of my very first experiences with them was to walk into the kitchen and see Maryann just standing on top of the cocohut.  It cracked me up every time.  Always made me think of walking into a dining room to find a dog standing casually on the dining room table.  Is that weird?  Oh, and sometimes I would see Maryann perched on top and Rap gripping the side of the hut, at a slant, with his claw touching hers.  Just hanging out like this.

Anyway, we went right out the next day and bought a new one.  Linus gave it to the cashier to ring up and proudly carried it to the car.  I lovingly put it in the crabitat with some encouraging words and an apology.  Nothing.  Okay -- it takes time to get used to a new one.  I waited.  And waited.

I tried to coax them in by putting their food right at the entrance, as if to say, "See?  It's nice inside."  Nothing.

I turned it on its' side so that it could be explored.  Nothing.  I felt so badly.  They have their flowerpot to sleep in, and, of course, they burrow.  But still.

Okay, I can take a hint.  I finally let it go.

More weeks went by, then, I walked into the kitchen and saw this:

I'm so happy!

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