Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

So, I wrote that I've never really been a "horse girl,"
but I think I might just be a "seahorse girl."

I watched this TEENY, TINY seahorse
(less than an inch!) grab a speck of food while
holding on to the seagrass with her tail, see
another tiny speck of food float by, follow it with
her head, release her tail, float exactly next to the
floating speck, curl her tail around another blade,
watch the speck and then slowly lunge out...
and get it.

The Leafy Sea Dragon
Wow again, right?

The Dot/Striped variety - yes, WOW



  1. so much fun and I love the art on the bottom! Amazing use of color and form!

  2. Leafy sea dragon is my favorite!


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